Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another week in Salt Lake City

It's Saturday morning and snowing outside. I had plans to ski at 6am this morning and I cancelled due to lack of enough sleep. Strange ideas have been keeping me up at night. Sometimes ideas of things that make me anxious during the day, and other times I have ideas of going on grand adventures and I can't get them out of my head. They keep me up. I woke up to a thin blanket of snow outside and a sink full of dishes. I made my coffee and did the dishes and watched the snowflakes fall out the kitchen window. I hope I can make this day grand.

Since taking this photo (oh, about 15 minutes ago) the roads have gotten completely covered with snow and all the sidewalks, too. Snow builds up on people as they walk by, like another layer of clothing.

Yesterday I did manage to follow through with skiing plans. Afterwards I came home and ate a bunch of ice cream because the altitude wore me out so much this time. Maybe it wasn't the best recovery food because I'm pretty tired and sore today. But it tasted good.

I am still figuring out my camera. When there is low light, as there often is in my apartment, I really struggle with the manual settings. This one was a mess up, but it ended up looking pretty neat.

This is the view from my futon bed. I live in this little den. That is my makeshift door. The picture makes the room look shorter than it is; I can actually stand up all the way when I'm standing in the middle. Sometimes I grumble about these temporary living accommodations but then I remember that I have a roof over my head and it's warm.

The busy table by the kitchen window. Flowers, bamboo, fruits. Now there is a computer on it and a crockpot full of chilli and a coffee mug, to boot.

 One of my roommates saved a wishbone, dried it on a grocery store receipt.

The strange yellow duplex in the avenues. Would I like to live here? Or would I not? I can't decide. The colors are so strange and it reminds me of a different decade.

My coffee shop, Cafe on 1st. It's always so crowded in there.

That was my little week. I hope you have a lovely one, as well.


  1. Thanks for posting these. Dad and I are looking forward to seeing 'your world' in April. Will there still be snow?

  2. i think you did make your day grand. i do like the yellow duplex.