Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pictures to start again

My first post in a long time. I wanted to share some pictures from mostly today, but the first few are from a couple weeks ago. Winter life in Salt Lake City is sometimes strange. I am usually jobless and soul-searching. I spend a good amount of time wandering, taking walks, being in the snow, and sitting around (sometimes spending way too much time on facebook). Sometimes it's easy to fall into a pattern of focusing too much inward and forgetting what is around. I need to take more time to appreciate my surroundings to remember the abundance of good things that surround me. Photography helps me to hone in on the good things.

The other weekend I got the idea to go to Logan Canyon and go ski touring. I proposed that we car camp and ski tour in Tony Grove. It turned out Tony Grove was inaccessible because the road was too deeply covered with snow. We car camped, it was the coldest night I have had in a long time. It took us until 11am to warm up. We realized the next morning that building a snow cave would have been warmer.

We melted snow for water. The water was murky and had bits of soba noodles in it from dinner in the JetBoil the night before.

  Ben the dog ate the rest of the black bean soup out of the JetBoil. Don't worry, we didn't melt snow in it after that for water.

  Catching us up to the present. Mindy is my roommate's dog. My roommate isn't home that often so I have been spending lots of quality time with the Mind. Here she is with a circle on her nose. I found her like this. I am just realizing now she matches her dog bed! Oh, puppy.

    This is our tiny livingroom. It makes me feel like I live in a New York City apartment. I have really come to appreciate the coziness.

    Today must have been leave your tree for the garbage person to pick up day. It was a strange sight so I started taking pictures.

    There were small ones, too.

                             And ones in waste cans.

    And one on a corner.

              The sidewalk between 1st and 2nd south and 7th and 8th east is covered in prints of  leaves.

         Mindy got impatient while I was taking sidewalk pictures and slipped out of her collar.

        The street in front of my apartment, and the view to the east of the Wasatch.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Loved these. It was wonderful....seeing your world. Also, that is a beautiful divided face dog. Keep posting. We've missed it.

  2. It's so great to see where you are!! The pictures of the christmas trees made me happy, especially the tree in the garbage can. Everyone has their own interpretation of christmas tree discard. MORE POSTS PLEASE

  3. I heart and miss you. Keep up the blogging. Love kate

  4. Those are great. Love the christmas tree in a garbage can. Such humor. And Mindy has a sweet face.